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Information on Scent Coverage

6 oz tins……… Great for smaller rooms 100-200 sq feet or less. Ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, office.

13 oz jars……. Great for medium size rooms 400-500 sq feet or less. Idea for open spaces like living room, kitchens, and dens.



Candle descriptions



Gardenia + Sea (Gardenia, Tuberose, Wood)

Indulge in an enticing Gardenia scent that pulls in with a rich wood scent. Perhaps the best way to capture what a Gardenia flower would smell like near a sea in Greece. Best seller scent.

Plumeria + Hemp (Hemp, Plumeria, Jasmine)

It’s the perfect, playful marriage of two polar opposite floral scents, Plumeria and Hemp, blended together to make a potent pleasant scent with a hit of Jasmine to top it off.


Mango + Lux (Mango, Coconut, Amber)

Transcend to the Caribbean with this seductive mango scent blended with Coconut and Amber. It provides the fullness of the islands that makes you forget that you are still at home. Mango is an exotic scent in this candle. Best seller scent. Founder’s Favorite.


Powder + Fresh (Cedar, Powder, Lavender)

A candle lover’s best-kept secret, this fresh scent elevates the pureness of baby powder, but blended with cedar and lavender tones that make Powder + Fresh a rich and crisp scent that’s perfect for revitalizing your space.

So Fresh + So Clean (Cotton, Tonka, Sandalwood)

A refreshing linen scent but with an exquisite middle tone brought on by the sandalwood that draws you in for wanting more while also appreciating a clean and invigorating scent. Best seller scent.


Pound + Cake (Lemon, Butter, Sugar)

When you are a candle lover and appreciate baked goods… Pound + Cake is your candle because it smells just like a freshly-baked pound cake, hot and fresh out the oven. It’s no wonder that the scent notes are also the ingredients of a real pound cake. You can’t go wrong with lemon, butter, and sugar in a candle or a cake! Yum! Best seller scent.

Crème + Praline (Caramel, Brown Sugar, Pecan)

Also known as “Pecan Candy”, praline is a cherished delicacy in Louisiana with a baked scent that is undeniable.  Mixed with the warming scents of caramel and brown sugar blended brings an enticing smell that would fool any one to believing that pralines are in the oven baking.


Essential + Lavender (Lavender, Cedar, Amber)

Lavender is known for us superb calming properties and is commonly added in lotions, sprays, and soaps to subdue and relax. Candles are no different and when paired with Cedar and Amber musk, the scent lavender is more potent, more relaxing, and ultimately therapeutic. Founder’s Favorite.

Spa + Day (Lemongrass, Jasmine, Black Currant)

Bring the spa to you by creating a zen environment spear-headed with lemongrass and jasmine. The elegance of the black currant scent whisks you away from all of the noise and gives you a Spa + Day. Best seller scent.


Mahogany + Man (Mahogany, Lavender, Wood)

If tall, dark, and handsome was a candle… this would be it! It’s the ultimate man-in-a-candle with woodsy mahogany notes, a sultry musk, and a splash of lavender to round out this manly candle. Best seller scent.

Oak + Amber (Oak, Amber, Leather)

There is a subtle but pleasant smell of an oak tree that brings a pause to anyone burning this candle. The blending of Amber musk and undertones of Leather rounds a delightful Oak and masculine scent.

Sweet + Tobacco (Tobacco, Caramel, Vanilla)

Caramel and Tobacco is surprisingly smooth and a pleasant scent with a vanilla middle note. It’s a Cork & Wick Founder’s favorite that is undeniable and a guaranteed sweet treat!


Plush + Amber (Musk, Water floral, Vetiver)

Amber offers so many options to the candle lover but when blended with a water floral medley and vetiver base, this scent becomes seductive, captivating and obsessive. Best seller scent.

Cashmere + Cashmere (Jasmine, Vanilla, Cedarwood)

The lux of cashmere is captured in the candle when smooth vanilla is blended with jasmine and cedar to yield an exquisite scent that can only be expressed as “Lux”. Best seller scent.

Summer Scents

Cuban + Vanilla (Tobacco, Bergamot, Vanilla)

Summer nights in Havana is what this candle brings to the candle lover. Tobacco and Bergamot tops it off and brings you in, and hints of a woodsy vanilla keeps you on the island south of Florida, Cuba.

Patchouli + Bay Leaf (Patchouli, Musk, Bay Leaf)

This is by far the ultimate Patchouli candle! When paired with musk and Bay Leaf, there is a full-circle experience that comes with this fantastic scent. A pairing that is unexpected but it’s the candle you didn’t know you needed. Founder’s Favorite.

Sandal + Coconut (Coconut, Cedarwood, Sandalwood)

This is the ultimate coconut candle paired with sandalwood and cedarwood which highlights elements of the coconut in a unique way that makes the coconut woodsy and smooth. One of our most tropical scents perfect for making your space be the ultimate Get-Away (but not away).

Sugar + Crystals (Sugar, Black Currant, Vanilla)

A super playful scent, Sugar + Crystals is for the candle lover that can’t get enough of sweet sugar scents. Blended with another sweet scent, Vanilla, this candle provides an aromatic sugar high you don’t want to come down from, and is completed with a captivating and sensual black currant fragrance note.

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